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   Standalone Proximity Card Reader

Wiring Diagram
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HID Stand-Alone Proximity Reader
Model: EntryProx

  • Ideal for Unique Applications - Proximity access control for small installations or remote locations.
  • Trouble-Free Keypad Input – Extra secure keypad enables PIN entry or programming.
  • Remote Monitoring - Configurable to be used in conjunction with an on-line system.
  • Faster Programming - Batch load up to 2,000 HID cards or keytags with a single keypad command sequence.
  • Efficient Badge Administration - Block Delete allows deletion of cards/keytags by user location.


Wiring Diagram
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Standalone Proximity Card Reader with LCD Display.
Model: HM-205D

  • PC Link available in Traditional Chinese Only (Not applicable for Singapore user)
  • 4 Lines LCD Display with either English or Traditional Chinese Language.
  • Support up to 65,536 Cards (16 bits) or 2,048 Cards (32 bits).
  • 16 bits Format Access Modes: Card Only, Card or PIN, Card with Common PIN.
  • 32 bits Format Access Modes: Card Only, Card or PIN, Card with Personal PIN.
  • Card Reading range of between 5 - 20 cm.
  • NO/NC Lock relay output for Fail-safe and Fail Secure locking device.
  • NO/NC Auxiliary Output for Duress alert.
  • Door Monitoring feature.
  • On-board Historical Report.
  • Wiegand Reader input interface.
  • For Indoor and Outdoor application.
  • Color: Black ONLY



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